Pearl 25 Consultant Sign Up


    • 25 oysters
    • Shucker
    • Digital Caliper
    • White Sand
    • Black Sand
    • Presenter Jewelry (valued at a minimum of $200 retail value 13 pieces of jewelry chosen at random)
    • Affiliate Website
    • Payment Gateway 
    • Drilling Order form and Envelopes
    • 2x Pairs of M Latex Gloves
    • 30% Commission

    *** To be a consultant with us you will receive your contract within 72 hours of purchase. Your kit will be shipped within 7 business days after paperwork is signed with priority shipping.

    **To obtain additional oysters other than what is in your kit we require an oyster deposit. If you want to keep 10 out at a time after your initial purchase your kit covers that cost and you will be able to request them.

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